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Warbirds of Glory Museum

The Kittyhawk Academy is a branded program and DBA of the Warbirds of Glory Museum. Since 2013, the mission of the Warbirds of Glory Museum has been to restore a WWII B‐25 as a flying memorial to honor not only the greatest generation, but all generations of veterans who bravely fought for our freedom.

Patrick Mihalek, Todd Trainor and a team of volunteers, including 15-year old Logan, recovered WWII B-25 bomber from a crash site in Alaska. Nicknamed “Sandbar Mitchell”, they brought the aircraft back to Brighton Michigan to begin the long process of restoration to flying condition as a memorial to our veterans that sacrificed for our freedoms.

The Warbirds of Glory Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. (Tax ID 46-2535717)

For more information about the Warbirds of Glory Museum, including photos, stories of the restoration, and merchandise, please visit our museum website at:


Ten years after the crash of Sandbar Mitchell on a remote island in Alaska.
B-25 Sandbar Mitchell as a fire suppression bomber in Alaska before her crash in 1969.

Youth mentoring has always been a part of the restoration of Sandbar Mitchell and very quickly the demand for our educational program outpaced the museum's ability to provide. In late 2017 the Kittyhawk Academy was designed to provide a curriculum based mentoring program that is scalable and can serve more youth in our community.