Engaging youth in the aerospace and industrial trades.


The Kittyhawk Academy curriculum was specifically created to introduce and expose young students to the concepts, processes and disciplines that are universal to nearly all trade skills, industrial jobs, and workshops operations. The curriculum places particular emphasis on aerospace trades skills, as a major focus of the museum workshop is the restoration of historical aircraft.

Each lesson plan is designed to both provide detailed learning materials for the specific lesson and to encourage interaction between the student and instructor.

Sample pages from Kittyhawk Academy lesson plans illustrate our focus on teaching toolmanship, mechanical comprehension, problem solving and other trade skills.

Sample Lesson Plans

Kittyhawk Academy – Warbirds of Glory

Mentorship Curriculum

·        Foundation

o   Basic Shop Measuring  (SAE-Metric, Fractions-Decimals)

o   Basic hardware fasteners.

o   Six simple machines (Lever, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, wheel & axle, screw)

·        Hand tools

o   Common Wrenches (Open-end, Box-end, Combo)

o   Screwdrivers

o   Adjustable Wrench

o   Pipe Wrench

o   Flare-nut Wrench

o   Ratcheting Box-end Wrench

o   Allen Wrenches

o   Sockets

o   Pliers and Vise Grips

o   Clamps (C, bar, pipe)

o   Bench Vice

o   Pry bars

o   Hacksaw

o   Clecos

o   Edge-rolling tool

o   Punches

o   Carpentry Hammers (claw, framing)

o   Shop Hammers (Ball peen, Rubber, Brass, Dead blow)

o   Forming Hammers (Wood mallet, Nylon mallet)

o   Wood hand saws

o   Torque wrenches

o   Shears & snips

o   Chisels

o   Files

o   Rivet squeezer

o   Blind-rivet tool

o   Edge roller

·        Internal Combution Engines

o   Therory of 4-Cycle Engines

o   Carbeurators and fuel delivery

o   Engine ignition and electrical

o   Small air-cooled engines: L-Head and OHV

o   Exercise - Tear down, Inspect, Replace, and reassemble B&S Engine

·        Process Lessons

o   Riveting - Assembly aluminum toolbox

o   Stretch Forming – Make aluminum bowl

o   Engine Basics - Overhaul small engine

o   CNC Router Operations - Make toolbox panels on CNC router

o   Paint stripping

o   Load lifting

·        CAD (Computer Aided Design)

o   SolidWorks Basics and User Interface

o   Introduction to Sketching

o   Basic Part Modeling

o   Symmetry and Draft

o   Patterning

o   Revolved Features

o   Shelling and Ribs

o   Repairs

o   Design Changes

o   Configurations

o   Drawings

o   Sheet metal modeling

o   Assemblies

·        Measuring...

o   Scales (8, 10, 16, 32, 64)

o   Vernier calipers.  (Dial, Digital)

o   Micrometer. (1” Outside)

o   Layout tools

·        Drills, Taps, Dies

·        Hardware / Fasteners

o   Application & Usage

o   Grade

o   Nuts, bolts, washers, screws, cotter pin.

o   Torqueing and how concept of threads.  (lubricating)

o    AN MS NAS Specifications.

·        Advanced Measuring

o   Micrometer. (Outside.  Inside.  Depth)

o   Measuring holes

·        Electrical

o   Circuit concepts.  (DC, volts, amps, resistance)

o   Electrical diagrams.

o   Wire size.

o   Terminals and terminal blocks.

o   Solid vs stranded wires.

o   Strip, crimp, solder, sleeves

o   Tying and bundling

o   Installation stands (grommets, bends, clamps, ground)

o   Switches, lights

o   Plugs, sockets (cannon plugs)

o   Fuses, circuit breakers

o   Wire identifications.

·         Corrosion

o   Material compatibilities (galvanic action)

·        Portable Power Tools

o   Drills

o   Impact

o   Grinder

o   Sawsall

o   Jig saw

o   Circular saw

o   Router.

·         Stationary power tools

o   Drill press

o   Band saw

o   Metal cutting band saw.

o   Table saw

o   Oscillating sander.

o   Disc and belt sander.

o   Router table.

o   Radial arm saw.

o   Thickness planer

o   Jointer.

·        Machine Tools

o   Mill

o   Lathe

o   Grinder

·        CNC Machines

o   CNC Router

o   CNC Mill

o   CNC Lathe

·        Part restoration

o   Degreasing

o   Paint stripping

o   Bead blasting

o   Prep for painting (clean, etch, anodize)

·        Welding Basics

o   Gas

o   Stick (arc welding)

o   MIG

o   TIG

o   Gas cutting

o   Plasma cutting.

o   Spot welding.

·        Basic Carpentry

·        Basic Plumbing

·        Making holes

o   Concepts of Drills.

o   Drill identification.

o   Drilling

o   Reaming

o   Flanging

o   Hole saw

o   Chassis punches.

·        Safetying

o   Safety wire

o   Cotter keys

o   Castle nuts

o   Jam nuts

o   Self-locking nuts

o   Torque prevailing nuts

·        Basic painting

o   Clean

o   Prep

o   Etching

o   Anodize

o   Masking

o   Primer

o   Paint equipment (HVLP, rattle can)

o   Paints (enamels, epoxy, lacquers, water vs oil based)

·        Hydraulics

o   Controlling

o   Braking

o   Fittings & hoses

o   Identifications

·        Bearings

·        Internal Combustion Engine Basics

·        Fabric Covering

·        Material designation and uses.

·        Quality control and testing

·        Reading plans and blueprints

·        Sheet metal fabricating

o   Cutting

o   Deburring

o   Hydo and hammer forming

o   Braking

o   Riveting.

o   Holes and flaring

·        Aircraft Construction Techniques

o   Tube & Fabric

o   Wood

o   Aluminum

o   Composite