Engaging youth in the aerospace and industrial trades.

Success Story

Tyler started as a high school junior and spent two years in our mentorship program. He knew when he joined us that he would not be attending college when he graduated high school. In fact, he did not know what he was going to do after high school.

However, after two years attending the Warbirds of Glory Museum Kittyhawk Academy he decided to join the U.S. Air Force in aircraft maintenance. After attending boot camp, Tyler and 29 other new recruits for aircraft maintenance took an assessment test to determine their placement within the USAF.

Fortunately for Tyler, the skills and disciplines that he received during our mentorship program earned him the highest class score on his mechanical and knowledge assessment test. He was immediately offered a position as Crew Chief of the B-1 Lancer bomber. A very high honor.

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Student Tyler in the museum workshop just days before his first day in the U.S. Air Force.
Tyler as a late senior in high school. He made the museum logo using waterjet as school. Shortly after this picture he left to join the U.S. Air Force. He is now a crew chief on B-1 Lancer.
Tyler shortly after joining the U.S. Air Force.
Tyler with his proud parents shortly after boot camp. Tyler was a youth in our mentorship program for two years before he joined the Air Force.
Tyler is crew chief of B1 bombers. Two years he spent with the museum's mentorship program greatly helped his placement as crew chief.